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The Athens Dialogues - An International Conference on Culture and Civilization

Academic Events

German Archaeological Institute

The German Archaeological Institute (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, or DAI) is the most significant institution in the field of international archaeological research in Germany. In its early years, the emphasis of its work was on the countries of the Mediterranean and the Near East; today the Institute pursues world-wide its mission of basic research for the understanding of historical cultures. On April 21, 1829, a circle of friends of scholars, artists and diplomats in Rome founded the “Instituto di corrispondenza archeologica”, in order to research and make known the monuments of ancient art, epigraphy and topography.

In 1833, the administration of the DAI moved to Berlin. In 1871, it became initially a Prussian state institution and in 1874 an Imperial Institute. The DAI is presently a federal agency in the department of the Foreign Office with its head office in Berlin and several commissions and departments in Germany and abroad.

Approximately 100 scientists conduct research in the field of archaeology and related disciplines. Close collaboration with colleagues in other countries ranks high in importance for the Institute, so numerous projects take place in cooperation with the institutions of host countries. In addition comprehensive special libraries, photo archives and other collections are available to scholars, scientists and students in the various departments and commissions. The advancement of future generations of scholars, in particular, represents a central mission of the Institute. The DAI supports academic exchange and informs the public of the results of its research through conferences, colloquia and guided tours. The research results are also issued in many publications and furthermore the staff members continually report on their work in the media.

You will find more detailed information on the individual areas of the work of the DAI on the homepage The German Archaeological Institute is participant of the Athens Dialogues. It is especially interested in the “big” Greek colonization between the late 9th and 5th centuries BC with a special analysis of the Panhellenic sanctuary of Olympia during this period and a database infrastructure for the archaeology and history of Ancient Greece.