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The Athens Dialogues - An International Conference on Culture and Civilization

Academic Events

Medical Humanities

Wednesday 26 February 2014 | 10.00-19.30 | Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens

The colloquium entitled “Medical Humanities” was organized in the context of the Athens Dialogues project. This new research field has been established in the past few years in America and Great Britain as a distinguished scientific area, which deals with the history of medicine and pharmacology as well as the role of disease in the society through narrations and perceptions especially in the geographical area of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans, from where there are significant recordings. At the same time investigates and examines perceptions on the nature of illness and health, the identity of the doctor and the patient, the importance of the description of the disease (“history”) and other related matters that illuminate this new field from different angles was examined. The colloquium was coordinated by Professor Georgios Babiniotis.