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The Athens Dialogues - An International Conference on Culture and Civilization

Academic Events

The Austrian Academy of Sciences

The Austrian Academy of Sciences’ statutory mission is to promote the sciences in every respect, and in the awareness of its social, cultural and economic responsibility, the Academy promotes and conducts open source basic research. Renowned researchers from Austria and abroad have formed a comprehensive knowledge pool covering a wide array of disciplines for the sake of progress in science as a whole. All of the Academy’s activities are closely networked at national, european and international level with university and non-university partners.

As a learned society, the Academy contributes decisively to assuring a highly competitive Austrian research, advising decision-makers in politics, business, and society on science-related issues while informing the interested public about major scientific discoveries. The Academy’s members support this process by making their broad range of expertise available for the Academy’s activities. The Academy gives new impetus by taking up new, forward-looking research areas. Scientific quality, innovation potential and sustainability are the main criteria for the Academy’s research profile. As centres of excellence, the Academy’s research institutions must stand the test of international competition in the form of periodic evaluations. The Academy offers fellowships to talented young scholars in promotion programmes that are committed exclusively on the standards of the international scientific community, thus giving highly qualified junior scientists an opportunity to develop scientific expertise. In granting awards, the Academy commends outstanding scientific achievements.