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The Athens Dialogues - An International Conference on Culture and Civilization


Greek Cogitation Colloquia: Experiential Learning Programs

The one-day workshop is implemented in the framework of the project “Greek Cogitation Colloquia: Expreriential Learning Programs” which is co-financed by European Social Fund and National funds through the Operational Programme Education and Lifelong Learning. The project aims at life-long learning of all people through a wide range of experiential activities, opening new ways of thinking and reflecting issues of global and enduring interest, focusing on the Greek way of thinking and the geographic location of “Plato’s Academy”.

The project “Greek Cogitation Colloquia: Experiential Learning Programs” has been designed by the Alexander S. Onassis Cultural Center non-profit Organization and is implemented in collaboration with the National University of Athens’ as a “project in progress and in motion”. Leading thinkers, scholars, scientists, artists and intellectuals from around the world will participate in public conferences, debates, educational activities, training programs, workshops and experiential learning programs.

Experiential learning programs include the following actions:
Words and Thoughts / Visual Dialogues / Workshops / Parallel activities and appeal mainly to adults (teachers, scholars, students and general public). The duration of the program is 24 months, will be implemented throughout three years (2012-2014) and will culminate in 2013 (European Year of Plato).

The Workshops’ Experiential Learning Program consists of a series of actions, where the Greek way of thinking is inherent to contemporary realities and new media. The implemented workshops are designed to familiarize participants with concepts of Greek cogitation and Greek philosophy in a way that relates to the modern currents of intellectual and artistic creation. The ultimate goal of these workshops is to explore in depth through original outlook of the general topic “Τoday’s responsibilities, tomorrow’s challenges”.