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The Athens Dialogues - An International Conference on Culture and Civilization

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Athens Dialogues in the News

A news conference about the Athens Dialogues took place in Athens on Monday, October 18. Read about it in Kathimerini, Ta Nea, and To Vima.

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Joseph Bryant writes on "Schism as Identity Transformation in Early Christianity," discussing an example from early Christian history that explains the role of a particular schism in facilitating the eventual triumph of the mainstream Church in the Hellenistic-Roman world.

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In his contribution, "From Ancient to Modern: Byron, Shelley, and the Idea of Greece," Roderick Beaton writes about how the Romantic poets' ideological development culminated in their support of and participation in the Greek Revolution of 1821.

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In "Life and the Geometry of the Environment," Nikos Salingaros notes that increasing evidence shows that the geometry of the natural and built environments is, to a large extent, responsible for human quality of life.

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